Infrared grain analyzers

25 years’ experience
Innovative technology
High accuracy and stability
Excellent price/performance ratio


Mininfra SmarT SW

Mininfra SmarT SW

Mininfra Smart SW is the flagships of Mininfra grain analysers. The advanced technology, up-to date calibrations and the networking functions make this model a suitable solution for larger businesses (producers, storages, receiving stations, laboratories, etc.) operating on more sites.

Mininfra SmarT SW applies a specific weight module for testing hectoliter weight of wheat, barley, corn and soybean.

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Mininfra SmarT

Mininfra SmarT®

Mininfra Smart® is the counterpart of Mininfra SmarT SW, without test weight module.

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Mininfra Scan-T Plus, a Mininfra 2000T and the new Mininfra SmarT grain analysers can be applied for fast and accurate quality analysis of whole grains and flour.

Key features

  • small
  • fast
  • accurate
  • reliable
  • good rate of return

Application areas

  • Grain production
  • Grain receiving, storage and trade
  • Milling
  • Bakery
  • Pasta production
  • etc

Return on investment

According to our analysis the return on investment could be up to 30% even in case of smaller businesses (~300ha production area, ~1000 tons overall grain production).


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