Easy handling

Mininfra SmarT® grain analysers are very easy to use for even a non-skilled average user: thanks to its hopper no sample preparation is needed and the analysis can be started by pressing a button on the large colour touchscreen of Mininfra SmarT®.

Stability and reliability

Due to the applied measurement technology and robust calibrations the accuracy and repeatability of Mininfra Smart® grain analysers satisfy today’s high requirements thus Mininfra Smart® is a reliable device on all application areas.

Internet connection

Mininfra SmarT® grain analysers can be connected and managed through the internet. With the client software to be installed to a PC you can read out the measurement data, statistics remotely and also you can upgrade the newest software versions and the calibrations of the devices from a remote location.


Mininfra SmarT® grain analysers are delivered with all available calibrations for whole grain.